I will let Amy Poehler tell the rest…

By Coach Stacie on 4/6/2017

I used to be overweight. I still struggle with my weight – I am not the “number” on the scale that I want to be, and sometimes, instead of being happy with what my body is and what my body can do, I focus on not being that number.


Here is what you may not know…I was a rather small kid, but I also hit puberty in sixth grade, and literally had boobs and hips overnight. I cried when my mom told me I had to wear a bra, but what made me cry the most was the name the kids in my school came up with. Mind you, I wasn’t overweight. I just suddenly weighed more, but to them I became “oil tanker”. I am 42 years old and this still follows me – I still think about it when I think about the "number" I should be.


I believe that had someone sat me down and taught me the lessons I now teach as a Girls on the Run coach, or what Amy Poehler says in the linked video, I wouldn’t have struggled with my weight my entire life. I wouldn’t have lived in the vicious circle of not being good enough that I still feel trapped in at times.


But, every once in awhile, a video or something comes up that pulls me out of that vicious circle of not being good enough, skinny enough, whatever enough and it all comes swirling back into perspective. I am filled with SO MUCH gratitude for the body I have – not just how I physically look (I have great hair and I am strong), but for my brain, for my ability to ride, run and swim, my ability to lift heavy weight, and my ability to love – not only the people around me, but myself.


So, thank you Amy Poehler for the wonderful reminder.

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